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any rockers from the early sixties, used to gather in market place. Barry Castle, Pete Dawson,Dave Fisher,Jack Hirst,Eric McManus,Kevin McMahon,Tony Wench,Trevor Garnett,Haydn Johnson.Michael O'Neill ?

Hi, does anyone have any pictures of Longfield working mans club, it was on Longfield road, Heckmondwike, at the bottom of the cemetery in Heckmondwike. It was bought by my family in 1960 and changed from a club to a house but I am after any pics or info about it when it was a club

Does anyone have any pictures of Gomersal Working Mens Club. I was born there in 1957 and my parents were the Landlord and Landlady - Mr & Mrs Potter. I would love to see some pictures of the house and hear of any memories people may have of the place. My brother was 16 in 1957 and I believe the Club ran rock 'n' roll nights?

If you were born in the 1960s and went to Mirfield Secondary School you may recall that there was a young girl who was in foster care. She was put into the care of some ex-school teacher who had a daughter the same age! This foster mother was a member of some occult group and would often try to force her into being a member of (...Read full memory)

I am the grandson of Harold Wood, the son of Enid his daughter, who is now the last desendent of H. Wood who is now 82. My grandfather started the buseness in 1922 with one vehicle. In 1965 after building the business to over 500+ vehicles he retired. In his retirement he enjoyed family holidays, his garden, (...Read full memory)

I am looking for info on what has happened to a very large firm I worked for decades ago now, namely Harold Wood & Sons Ltd, Wormald Street, Heckmondwyke. It was a very, very busy firm of bulk liquid haulage contractors. Having recently returned to my home town of Brighouse after over (...Read full memory)

Does anyone know anything about it please?

In winter time the fog and smog could last several days, and never clear. Coming from a seaside town, I found the first winter very depressing, but after 3 years I did not want to leave. The mills were very impressive, as were the number of churches around the town; and I recall the latter being well attended on (...Read full memory)

The best stall in the market was Toffee Smith's sweet caravan, when it wasn't on the market it was parked up Oxford Road, Gomersal.

I remember the market so well, it was the heart of Heckmondwike. You could buy anything from it, including clothes, meat and veg. The pork pies sold there were beautiful, and the beef dripping. I remember buying a dress from Rothery's stall, she let me take it home to try on. It was the height of fashion (...Read full memory)