Old Maps of Helston

Historic Maps of Helston and the local area.

Memories of Helston

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This is the view which I use to see on Sunday mornings when my father and I would walk from the top of Maneauge Street along Bullock Lane to the back entrance of the Blue Anchor. I was allowed to play skittles with the landlord's sons whilst father had a few drinks. After we would walk home not forgetting my jar of barm from the (...Read full memory)

Mr Richard lived here at the fish and chip shop. Mr Richard was also the PE teacher at Helston Secondary Modern School, Penrose Road. We use to call in to the chip shop on our way home from Scouts at Lowertown. I lived at 89 Maneauge Street, next door to where the Americans had there garages, and when I was younger I (...Read full memory)