Hemsby, The Donkeys c.1955

Memories of Hemsby

We started holidaying in Hemsby in the late 1970s. My parents loved it as we'd always had caravan holidays previously but now we had a chalet!! They always stayed at Belle Aire site. Hemsby was pretty spartan in those days!! There was a golf area on the right of Beach road, just past Belle Aire, which was covered (...Read full memory)

Having spent many happy holidays in hemsby my friend Avril and I decided to sign up for a season in Seacroft, we were just 18 and up for what was then an adventure away from home. It was a very happy time we made many friends with both other waitresses and campers. I was sorry not to go back the following year maybe life would (...Read full memory)

Are any of these cottages still there, I see from photo's some fell into the sea. Would love to relive childhood memories of staying in these as a child in the early 1960's

Where we first met

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