Hemsby, The Donkeys c.1955

Memories of Hemsby

We started holidaying in Hemsby in the late 1970s. My parents loved it as we'd always had caravan holidays previously but now we had a chalet!! They always stayed at Belle Aire site. Hemsby was pretty spartan in those days!! There was a golf area on the right of Beach road, just past Belle Aire, which was covered (...Read full memory)

Having spent many happy holidays in hemsby my friend Avril and I decided to sign up for a season in Seacroft, we were just 18 and up for what was then an adventure away from home. It was a very happy time we made many friends with both other waitresses and campers. I was sorry not to go back the following year maybe life would (...Read full memory)

I have many happy memories of going on holiday to Hemsby in the late 1960s and early 1970s. I remember we used to stay on the sand dunes in a wooden chalet-type building with no running water and an outside toilet, how times have changed. The one I thing do remember is a cottage with illuminated ornaments (...Read full memory)

I was most surprised to see my late grandfather William Mannall and possibly my uncle Paul with granddads donkeys ,which he had for many years on the beach at Hemsby and also later at Newport (uncle Paul). I had many gratis rides to encourage others and used to help with the tack and grooming. All in all I had many happy (...Read full memory)

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