Old Maps of Henley-on-Thames

Historic Maps of Henley-on-Thames and the local area.

My father's mother came from Henley with strong family roots in Highmoor Cross, Shiplake and Rotherfield Grey's. My great grandparents lived at 2 Queen Street and had a huge family of 10 or 11 children in what seems today a very small house. At regatta time we always visited by train from West Drayton and had (...Read full memory)

My late grandmother came from Henley-on-Thames, and was Eleanor Flossie Arlett. I wish I knew more about her family. I do know that the Arletts had a boatyard and stored punts, I believe for hire, under the Angel on the Bridge pub. Also her father was a Queen's Waterman with a red uniform and cap. The Watermen were (...Read full memory)