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It is interesting to note that the old market place was being overtaken by cars as early as 1950, and parking was obviously already a problem. At one time, a regulation stated that all visitors to Hereford had to leave their horses at their lodgings before going to the market place.

Memories of Hereford, High Town 1949

I was a soldier at Bradbury Lines when this happened. The Father of the baby was our Troop Lieutenant ...Richard Vincent. He was a lovely man and well liked by we boy soldiers. We never saw him doubt he was given a long spell of compassionate leave. But 30 years or so later he had risen through the ranks to be Field Marshall Sir Richard Vincent and was in charge of NATO ! I have very fond memories of my ...see more

Around 1957 I was walking around High Street, enjoying a meander from my route home to Bradbury Lines when I saw the wife of an officer from the Army Camp, Lt Richard Vincent, in great distress with some policemen outside the grocery shop...I believe it was a Sainsbury's on the near left hand side. She had left her small baby in the pram outside the shop while she went inside to shop .. in those ...see more

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