Old Maps of Hest Bank

Historic Maps of Hest Bank and the local area.

I was sent to Hest Bank during part of the 2nd world war, as an evacuee. I can say that I really don't remember much about it only that it was summertime. I was wearing a pair of multi coloured shorts, and I sat down on a chair and got stung by a wasp - very unpleasant indeed. The other memory was of the people who owned the (...Read full memory)

My great grandfather, Peter Wild, built the house called Uplands, on Haltex Lane on the banks of the canal in 1900 after he'd retired from the steel industry in Rotherham and Sheffield. I never met him but in 1996 I called at the house and had a lovely chat with Mrs Greenwood, the lady who lived in the flat which is (...Read full memory)