Hexham, Dukes House Wood Camp School c.1955

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Memories of Hexham, Dukes House Wood Camp School c1955

Went to camp school every year when I was at Hill Head School Lobley Hill Gateshead love it there, so many wonderful memories best time

Hi my name is linda noble I was born in milling st it was great all my family lived round there as well my nana snowdon nana ridley granny curran auntie kathleen cousin pat aunty peggy all live same street aunty sheila lived cuthberts st uncle tonmy pitt st uncle frank fleming st granda noble was care taker at ross (...Read full memory)

My school was one of the first to go to Dukeshouse Wood Camp School just outside Hexham. This was in November 1945 shortly after the Second World War with the lads from  Gateshead at Alexandra Road school. Our dormitory was named Poplars at the top left, next to Oaks. On the opposite side was (...Read full memory)

One of my main memories of camp is a cross country run, no ordinary run this one, it was November, it was freezing and pouring with rain, nonetheless we had to run, but the only kit we were allowed to wear was sandshoes and shorts, no socks and no tops. Anyway, away we went. It wasn't long before myself and another lad (...Read full memory)

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