Old Maps of High Bentham

Historic Maps of High Bentham and the local area.

I think that that is my mum Gladys Haigh, and my brother Douglas who is 4 years older than me is beside my mum, I'm the one in the pram I think! We were going to meet my dad Jim Haigh, we used to live Main Street going towrds the pub, the Horse and Farrier, but moved to Goodenber Road in (...Read full memory)

The Plough Inn, in High Bentham was bought by great grandfather Harold Slinger in the early 1900s. He then refurbished it in to two cottages. Harold Slinger was also the registrar for birth deaths and marriages as I recall. After his death my Gran and Granddad continued to live there and my uncle and aunt lived next door. (...Read full memory)