Hindhead, Woodcock Inn 1922

Memories of Hindhead

My husband and I were both stationed at the Army Chest Hospital in Hindhead but it was not this building. It was a single storey building with long corridors and the wards leading off these. It was on the main Portsmouth road. My husband was in the Catering Corp and I was in the QARANC. There were two wards for the Ghurkas as they very prone to catching TB in those days.

I was at a Children's Home here till I left school at fourteen to work at BAC.

I served in the RAMC and spent 1958 and 1959 at Connaught Hospital. I worked as a clerk in the hospital office. I held the rank of corporal. I rememberr Phil Reid and saw his contribution to this page. I agree there were some very happy memories of the place.

I was a boy sargeant soldier at Arborfield AAS when I came down with a serious illness and rushed into Cambridge Military Hospital, Aldershot and when I defied the odds and lived , it was discovered that I had pulmonary TB of the right lung. I was transferred to Connaught Military Sanatorium at Hindhead (...Read full memory)

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