Old Maps of Holbeach

Historic Maps of Holbeach and the local area.

I've lived in Holbeach all my life and mum and dad owned a grocers shop in the High Stree,t it was called Ritchies. I remember sitting on the steps out side the shop with my sister writing down all the car numbers, we saw we spent many hours out there. I also have wonderful memories of going to the pictures with my best friend Ena (...Read full memory)

My mam and dad, Linda and Harry Leggett ran the general store and cafe next to the bus stop for a few years from 1960. I had the music shop in Chapel Street, Holbeach Music Supplies from 1959 until 1967ish. Loved it. If there was a magic wand I would turn the clock back. I live in Cornwall now but I come back to visit regularly. Jan