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My mother Edna Furse and her brother Kenneth Furse had the first double wedding held in the church and they married Victor Beech and Barbara Cook. My grandparents who lived in Holsworth were Bert and Beatrice Furse. I was born in 1942 and was the first girl child to be called Valerie in the then villiage. I spent many happy holidays with my grandparents and I also attended the junior school when I was 9 or 10 years old ...see more

Our family lived in Glebelands and my father Leonard Smith was a Geography teacher at the Holsworthy Secondary Modern School as it was then. My sister Gillian and brothers Brian and Bernie went to the school but my sister Pamela and I (Annabelle) went to Okehampton Grammar. Previously we went to the Primary School from which I still have all my old school reports. We left Holsworthy around 1962 and ...see more

My gr-gr-gr-grandfather, John Parkhouse worked at the railway station c1880’s. His daughter Ellen was my gr-gr-grandmother. The family lived at the Railway Station Yard. I was able to visit Holsworthy a few years ago and see some of the area, and also visited the lovely museum.

I had a brillant time in Chilsworthy with my dad and sisters, we had a good old joke when I went back to see them. I loved to see my dad all the time but I know it will happen.

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