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I could go on and on with memories. Myself and my parents moved from London to Arbour Way, Elm Park on 24th August 1953. I went to Ayloff School from 1954-1960, when I left to go to Suttons Secondary. We moved to Elm Park because my dad worked at Murex in Rainham and it was a lot closer for him to get to (...Read full memory)

I can confirm Pittle Lane does not exist in Hornchurch, this is in fact Billet Lane out side what is now the Doctors and Dentist surgeries 58, 58A & 58B Billet Lane. Both the properties on the right hand side still occupy the land. Although 60 Billet Lane sold its orchard off to build 58A Billet Lane in 1953. 58 Billet (...Read full memory)

I was born in Vicarage Road and went to Rainsford Way Primary School. This was near the Hornchurch Bus Garage and us boys would watch the big red Routemaster buses swinging round in that tight space with screeching tyres. We used to play in the streets or have dens in our gardens. We would climb trees in Harrow (...Read full memory)

The MORLEY family of nine who squeezed into a new house in Rosewood Ave, Elm Park 1950s - 1980s, did a 'down memory lane' trip 28 July 2011 (Romford Recorder), brilliant to go back to your roots. Some shops literally have not changed and some shops are long gone. Harold Lodge Park still beautiful with lake, Maylands (...Read full memory)

Lots of happy times (and a few hangovers ) in the Bull pub in the early sixties.  In the days when the door was in the front,  there used to be a small bar to the left with a dart board and pin table with a small hatch/bar where you got your light and bitter or Watneys Red Barrel.  I left hornchurch in the mid 70s, must go back one day...

Like Gloria Friend, I spent a happy childhood in Hornchurch, attending Suttons Primary School where my mother (Mrs Wilton) was deputy head and Mr Occomore our headmaster. We were carefully drilled in our tables, phonics and acceptable social behaviour like never dropping litter nor biting our nails and keeping our bikes (...Read full memory)

I can remember most of the shops here. The off-licence, Stowells; where Robert Harlow and his family lived and served. Then Draytons, the sweet shop - Mr Drayton had rather red cheeks! Then there was Lings, the post office and paper shop, run by Mr Landless and family, Roger being the son. Then the family Curtis took (...Read full memory)

I used to go to Sunday school here, every Sunday afternoon. I was an angel in a Nativity play, and have a lovely black and white print of the play with numerous friends in, to name a few:- ....... Linda Hutley, Shirley Green, Faith Evans, Jennifer Rounce, Christine Pinner and Julian Krautman and Christopher Newbury. (...Read full memory)

I lived in Hornchurch 1946-58. Went to school at North Street Primary and then for a brief time to Dury Falls before we moved in 1958. My father ran Cramphorns Corn and Seed Merchants, which can just be seen in this photo. My best friend was Elaine Collett whose parents had the Toy/Pram Shop opposite the White Hart Pub. (...Read full memory)

My father used to run a shop in Hornchurch. I have lovely memories of those days, playing in what I think was an old quarry at the back of the shop. The lady who ran the sweet shop gave me a bride doll which I adored. Helping my dad pack the cardboard boxes for home deliveries. I have a photo of my twin (...Read full memory)