Memories of Horning

The summer fetes in Horning bring back very good memories. I can remember one year that Mike Reid opened the fete, I can remember waiting outside the Swan public house with my mum to see him. There was also a tent that served teas /coffee and cakes made by the ladies of Horning and in the evening it turned into a (...Read full memory)

My father, Herbert Stanley Cole, was the eldest son of the Postmaster, Albert Henry Cole.  He lived here from the early 1900s until about 1945.  His mother Victoria Kate Cole, ran the shop and they also operated the telephone switchboard 24 hours a day.   My uncle, Geoffrey Cole, was born in this building and my (...Read full memory)

This is not one of my memories but this is one of my father's, it was lovely to be told this and every time I pass this place it brings back my family history. My father and all 15 children were born in Horning and my father James Owen still lives there. Many years ago the house that is on the main road to (...Read full memory)

We spent a glorious month each summer in the bungalow visible to the left of the Windmill House, 'Sedges'. It was owned by Mike and Betty Beardshaw. Time was spent rowing, swimming, fishing and in trips on the launch. I know we visited the windmill house but don't remember much about it except an impression of roundness and green paint.

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