Old Maps of Horsham

Historic Maps of Horsham and the local area.

Was a patient at the hospital from Palm Sunday, 1968 for about six weeks. The picture you have in postcard form was the rose garden. I took several photographs in colour, while there, as we had access to the whole of the grounds. will forward copies, when I have traced them. There is a website AAH "All About Horsham" (...Read full memory)

I joined Horsham Sea Cadets IN 1973, I am a CPO at the unit at the moment. Is there anybody who knows the date when the Horsham Sea Cadet unit opened in 1942. It was then called T.S. UNA. during the 1960`s it was changed to their present name T.S. GLORY. We know it was our birthday this year but no one knew when (...Read full memory)