Memories of Hounslow, c1954

That's the Odeon, taken from outside Hounslow West station. Great fun on Saturday mornings, when they had a childrens' matinee.

I remember Sat morning club had a great time :-) Allan Stevens

I remember growing up in Hownslow. The winters use to be very cold, ice on the inside of the windows. We lived in a flat in Beavers Lane and I remember playing outside in the snow, it was very cold and the snow was deep. Well, being only 5 years old at the time it was great but it must have been very hard for our parents in (...Read full memory)

Climbing to the top. My friend Ray and I were going to see 'The Fugitive Kind' at the Odeon Cinema, Hounslow West. This was in 1960 and we were fourteen years old. I told him that my eldest brother had climbed to the top of the Odeon tower some twenty years earlier. Well, I don't know how it came about, but it seemed a (...Read full memory)

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