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Memories of Hounslow, Hounslow Hospital c1955

This was the Hounslow cottage hospital on the Staines Road, Hounslow at the top of Hibernia Road. It was demolished in about 1985-1990 after being left empty for a number of years. On the site today stands a Halfords car spares (2006). The only time I ever went inside the hospital was to visit a friend who had just had a boil on his backside lanced!

It was in the 50's and I was only a little girl.  My grandparents lived across the road in Vine Place.  We had a yard and the fair used to put up there each winter.  We were always in the hospital, so clean, so nice you never got turned away.  My cousin who is one year older than me was in there with 'yellow fever', she was only 8 (...Read full memory)

Every child from Bedfont to Isleworth by turn spent a few days in the little round building. Variously: The Staines Rd Hospital. Children's Hospital. Cottage Hospital. The Childrens is the one we most used. Why?? Tonsils. Tonsillectomy was the rule for those around 10yrs of age. I can even recall the names of (...Read full memory)

In the late 1940's- late 1950's, the Hounslow Welsh Society used to meet in a hall on the left hand side as you entered the grounds of the Hospital. I have very happy memories of the evenings spent there, we had a choir, & an amateur dramatic group (my Father Abe Richards was the producer of many of the productions). We (...Read full memory)

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