Old Maps of Hubberholme

Historic Maps of Hubberholme and the local area.

Memories of Hubberholme

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I stayed at Netherside Hall in 1952, Mr Anderton was the headmaster. I have some vivid memories of the school and grounds, but I am hopeless with names, only a couple come to mind, John Firth, Ronnie Reeves. I was the only boy I think without asthma, I used to sneak inhalers for the other boys. I was captain of the football side, (...Read full memory)

I had the best nights out of my life in the George Inn after working at Greenfield Estate where I met my late wife Beth Connel.  We married at Hubberholme Church in 1984 and moved to Horton.  The George was full of local characters the landlord Bill Jones lived there with his mum (Mar) and Dad Elise who told you off if (...Read full memory)