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A Memory of Huntingdon.

I grew up in Huntingdon, I remember the old town back then, Okendens, almost across from the George Hotel, and Wyles the shoe shop. It was a nice town. I remember the jumble sales held in all the churches were exciting events, and the old cinema, I miss the old town a lot, I have good memories. I remember the Cromwell Cafe which was owned by Greeks and had great food, my school mates would meet there. I have lived in SC, USA for 17 years now and it certainly does not compare to the shops in the UK. I love the UK. I enjoyed all the excitement of going down town on a Saturday, having a pastry and tea in the little cafes. I remember school, Brookside, Mr Plews in his cape lol . The outside swimming pool was great in the summer, where Tesco is now was open fields, we picnicked there, also Woolworth where a lot of my school friends worked after school. My dad Peter worked on the Oxmoor, building the houses, me and my brother Peter played in them, the friends we made were awesome, mostly from the overspill, London. I also remember the old hospital. Jerry had the barbers shop in Chequers Court. Every year I go back it changes. Thank you Huntingdon for my wonderful childhood, it will always be a great place to live, I will be back one day for good.

With thanks to Patricia Mnych for this memory of Huntingdon

Added 27 January 2012


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