Ickenham, Swakeleys House c.1965

Memories of Ickenham

We moved to Ickenham in 1950, I was three, we lived in Greenacres Avenue, only partially completed then, a cowfield next to our house to where Breakspear Road South is now, St George's Drive was not built. We could see the GWR from our front bedroom. Attended Breakspear Primary School, walked there daily across (...Read full memory)

I worked at the Bakery for about two years, this was my second job after leaving school, which was the Bishop Ramsey Church of England School which opened in 1980 taking over Ruislip Manor and St Martins C.O.E school that was in West Drayton Middlesex. The Bakery was in the rear of the cafe and I was the pastry cook, making (...Read full memory)

This picture is just too small to see if my parents' shop - Kolordek - is illustrated in the row. We moved away around 66/67. Vaiseys had the grocers next door - I was friends with their daughter, and the grocer's next to that changed hands - name escapes me - I was friends with their daughter, too, whose aunt was (...Read full memory)

I was christened at St Giles in 1950 and lived in The Grove until I got married in 1972. I went to Breakspear Primary School and then Vyners. As a boy I was always playing in the woods by the river Pinn, building camps and rope swings across the river! No close parental supervision then. We were all able to play as (...Read full memory)

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