Old Maps of Ickham

Historic Maps of Ickham and the local area.

I came to live with my grandparents in Treasury View after my mother had died in a car accident where we lived, on the Isle of Wight. I had been to Ickham before as a baby, and in later years was told many times by neighbours of being bathed in front of the fire in my gran's house! I left in 1972, but I have wonderful (...Read full memory)

I used to go to Ickham for my summer holidays visiting my grandparents who lived in the High Street, their names were Mr and Mrs Couchman, it was around 1955, my gran used to clean the church, they are both buried in Ickham. My grandparents lived next door to a old gentleman who used to have a parrot, he kept the cage on the (...Read full memory)