Ilford, Barkingside High Street c.1965

Memories of Ilford, Barkingside High Street c1965

I can recall going with my father up to Barkingside after an air raid during the Second World War and seeing a farm that had been hit. There were fire hoses all over the road and pigs running up the High Street. The farm was just across the road from the cinema (The State?). We too were to be bombed out of our house, at the bottom (...Read full memory)

This is not a memory - more of a request for info/stories please. I used to live in Barkingside in the 1990's when I was a child. I have since moved away but I am still very interested in the history of the area, especially anything about the second world war. As someone who is deeply interested in history, I am wondering (...Read full memory)

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