Ilford, Barkingside High Street c.1965

Memories of Ilford

Got to be honest, I don't remember a thing, I was adopted soon after I was born, but I still regard myself as being an Ilford-ite. I really want to visit and look around Ilford soon, just to see now what my hometown is like, of course I understand it'll have changed LOL, but I still need to visit. Nice to see some 1966 pics ... seems like a long time ago eh. Maybe see you sometime, Mark

I was born in Ilford in 1928, I now live in Australia, came here in 1948 so my memories are of that time. This picture is of where we used to shop every week. We lived in Dunedin Road.  Is the railway close by? I was in the Gaumont Super cinema when it was bombed. But that is another story. I remember the Hippodrome too.

I remember when I used to catch a trolley at Fanshawe Avenue and go to Ilford Broadway and then go for a wander around the shops in Ilford. If I recall, the trolley bus ride was about 2d each way. When it came time to go home I caught a bus outside Harrison Gibsons which took me to the top of South Park Drive, that was the (...Read full memory)

This is such a clear photo of where I lived! I used to stand on the balcony right under that big clock! x

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