Ilford, Composite c.1965

Memories of Ilford

I'm trying to locate information about the Polish Camp in Hainault Road that was there after the war where Polish servicemen stayed. Does anyone have any memories of this or any information? Any memories of the Polish and Irish communities in the Ilford area during the late '40s early '50s? I am trying to gather (...Read full memory)

I was born down Roman Road Ilford sadly as long ado as 1947 but life in Ilford was good. Went to Mount Secondary School but left at the age of 14 and started work as a jnr legal secretary in a firm in Cranbrook Road. It was so great then could get on a train and be in Liverpool Street in 20 mins an shop till we dropped. I (...Read full memory)

My first job as a teenager was with ICT, which subsequently became ICL and I think has now disappeared. I used to repair punch card equipment at Ilford Film, Plessey and Ilford town Hall back in the early 60's. I probably have walked up that piece of road a hundred times. The town hall is just visible on the (...Read full memory)

I lived in Ilford in the 1970s, the place was magic, and it had a bus to the place. I could walk down the Broadway at night without any worry, and I was always in the Cranbrook pub. I went back last year to the Cranbrook pub and just made it in time, it closed just after. That was in 2008, and it opened in in 1970. I also (...Read full memory)

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