Ilford, Short Horn Dairy 1887

Memories of Ilford

I remember the H-G fire well. I was sixteen at the time and was on my way home from evening classes at the South West Essex Tech, as it was called in those days, in Longbridge Road Barking. As soon as I left the college on my bike I noticed the glow in the sky and knew it was somewhere near where we were living at the (...Read full memory)

This is not a memory - more of a request for info/stories please. I used to live in Barkingside in the 1990's when I was a child. I have since moved away but I am still very interested in the history of the area, especially anything about the second world war. As someone who is deeply interested in history, I am wondering (...Read full memory)

The Pantomime Cinderella was performed at the Ilford Hippodrome from Dec 28th 1942 – Jan 4th 1943. When the pony hauling Cinderella’s coach stopped on the stage it went and dropped a load of poo. The children all thought it was great fun, including me. Sadly the Ilford Hippodrome was destroyed by the Germans when a V2 (...Read full memory)

Born in Colombo Road in 1937. Remember the doodle bugs, air aid shelters, Christchurch School, Dane Secondary (even know the school song word for word). Days of fun in Valentines Park and the swimming pool. Ilford Town Hall dances and the Palais. Drinking at The Havelock and The Valentine. Trolley buses replaced by (...Read full memory)

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