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Memories of Ipswich

I had my tonsils out there too but I was 17.... and I had to eat cornflakes as well! 1960. The nurses used to wear beautiful cloaks with red linings. I used to think I could be a nurse just so I'd get a lovely cloak! I used to know every inch of Ipswich.. even the priest hole! And in the Butter Market my mother worked at Reader's (...Read full memory)

I worked as a van salesman out of the Ipswich factory in the 1970s . Mr guyllot was the supervisor for the six vans. I did the Clacton area Tuesday's, Thursday's, and Saturdays. Up to Bury St. Edmunds on the other days. Is there anyone out there that worked for them at that time. Cannot remember any other names. My name is Peter Harris (Not related)

I worked at Bowhill Elliot and White shoe store at the top of The Walk in 1960  Every morning I walked through here to go to work. I still e-mail a friend who worked at Turners Photography also in The Walk.  We were like a family in The Walk, greeting each other every day, and going to lunch.

From the early 1900s to the mid 1960s my family, the Coopers, owned Thompsons Bakers, Confectioners and Restaurant at 34-36 Tavern Street.  If you turned left into St Lawrence churchyard - just where the person on the left of the photo is - and walked along the path beside the church, you would get to the stairs down to the bakehouse.

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