Irby, Wartime Posters At The Post Office c.1940

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Memories of Irby

Born Irby 1955. Lived in Woodlands Road. Emigrated to Australia in 1967. Memories are still vivid of Irby, sledging on Sutton Hill, exploring Dawpool common, walking the pathways between villages and through the woods, down to the old quarry. Spent a lot of time at Houghs farm, went to school with Margaret at Dawpool Primary. (...Read full memory)

Born in 1956 my early memories were of Woodlands Road, and I remember Alan Sharp, and playing in the fields surrounding it. Dawpool School with Gabby Hayes, being there on the day the library opened, helping harvest with the Houghs and being in the choir at St Bartholomews, and being told to mime. Summer days playing on (...Read full memory)

We moved to Irby from Selsdon, Surrey, in 1957 and I can remember Mathews' paper shop and the hardware shop owned, I think, by the Carters. I also remember that beautiful cottage that was demolished to make way for that dreadful library building. The name Cortrell rings a bell and the young girl that lived there had a lovely (...Read full memory)

Having grown up in Irby and now living in Chicago. It was great to see some excellent picture of the old Irby village. The white sided building in this picture on the left is the Irby Club. My Grandfather Percy Hayward was the first steward at the club and my Mother lived at the club until my grandfather (...Read full memory)

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