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Caption for Ironbridge, From Rotunda 1892: By the time this photograph was taken Ironbridge was no longer the industrial heartland it had once been. Much of the heavy industry had already moved to the Black Country, Lancashire, south Wales etc. Yet one can still sense the pall of smoke that lies over all of the buildings in the valley.

Memories of Ironbridge

I have just read the article written by Ethel Jones in 2008. It brought so many happy memories back for me. When I moved to Ironbridge I went to live at 79 Waterfall Cottage, Boweryard. It was 1946 and I was 10 months old. I lived there until I was 6 in 1952. I attended the Blue School. My, those steps hurt my (...Read full memory)

We have many happy memories of the Bower Yard in 1962. We moved into our first marital cottage at 75 on the day we got married. The cottage was mid terrace overlooking the river and the wharfage on the opposite side. We paid the princely sum of £475.00 for it of which we had saved £250 and we borrowed the difference (...Read full memory)

As a child who was born in 1924 I lived with my family (name of Rogers) just down stream of the bridge I attended the "Blue School"and St.Lukes Church as did all my Brothers and Sisters climbing the 100 or more steps past the chuch to go to school twice a day belting home at midday down the steps three at a time (...Read full memory)

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