Isle Of Whithorn, Glasserton Row c.1920

Memories of Isle of Whithorn

My mum's family are from the Isle of Whithorn. My grandparents were George and Ellen McIlwraith of Stannock Farm. Their children were, Ivie, John, Mary, Jean, Effie, George and Ellie. My cousin and his wife, Murray and Dorothy McIlwraith, still live in the Isle. The McIlwraith's go back many generations in the Isle of Whithorn.

My great-grand parents came from Isle of Whitehorn, their names were Dunlop or Loan, also my grandfather was John McQueen, my grandmother was Jane Loan. Any info please send to: Thank you, Maggie

My mother's maiden name was Mary Hannah Morton and her father, James Morton, mother Ada and older sister Peggy lived on a farm called High Balcray. Grandpa had brothers, one of which became manager of the Bladnock Creamery and a sister, Bess, who married a man by the surname McGill, I remember her having a daughter (...Read full memory)

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