Ivybridge, Vicarage And Viaduct c.1876

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Memories of Ivybridge

I was one of ten little girls, plus our teacher, who arrived in Ivybridge as evacuees from Acton, London, at the outbreak of the Second World War. We were taken to a hall (probably at the school) where we were collected in pairs by our 'families'. The first family we stayed with lived in Exeter Road. They (...Read full memory)

My father was killed in the Malayan emergency and I was sent to live with my grandmother, Kezia Stedman, in Costly Street, Ivybridge. I went to Sunnyside school. Sophie Harris was the lady who ran the school. Then I attended Plympton Grammar, now Heles School, I believe. I have seen photos of modern day Ivybridge and have no desire to revisit.

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