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Jaywick has always been a very special place for me and most of my happiest childhood memories are from when my sister, myself, my parents and grandparents and our dog Sally would have our annual holiday there in the first week in June. We stayed in a lovely bungalow in Lake Way called 'Many Happy Returns' which we always called our Little Mauve House due to its colour. :) One vague memory has suddenly come to me and I ...see more

I remember going to Tower Caravan Park, Jaywick Sands, every year with my mom, dad, two brothers and sister, from very young till about 15 or 16 years old. I have wonderful memories like going to the Raven Club every evening and not being allowed in the 'adults room' but being able to see them through the glass partition between us and them. The arcade next to the bingo and the cafe right on the end. ...see more

I came from a family that lived in Eltham, South East London, and we spent many a happy year at Jaywick. We did not have much money and my aunt used to treat us every year to a holiday. Me, my mum, my cousin Debbie and my aunt would pack up our case and off to Jaywick we would go. I remember getting so excited as we drove down the beach road, the journey at the time seemed so long. We would book in and then run to the ...see more

It would be lovely if people had pictures of Jaywick in the 70s to post on this site. We had such lovely times there and I would love to see how it looked in the 70s again - the bus station, the arcade, the beach etc. We did not have much money so didn't take many photos. I remember there was another little arcade just on the corner opposite the post office - by the road that ran along the sea. It must've closed in the ...see more

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