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Memories of Keighley

In 1945 I attended the Junior Art Department of Keighley. Our school badge was an anagram of J.A.D. the uniform was Burgandy. This was a small school of 40 to 50 mixed pupils. The reason I refer to this picture is, the facade of the building housed this school.I new it (...Read full memory)

Jerry's was the all purpose, pre £ shop store below the market where he also had a stall. Household products, hardware, notably buckets and a few low cost gifts... Jerry had a larger than life personality with a girth to match. I also remember Ropers for furniture, Smiths pets and Hoggs pots. My personal favourite was the pop-ex (...Read full memory)

I went to this school at the age I believe around 7-8yrs old. I would like to know if anyone out there went to the same school. My name was  Sylvia Rooke. In fact I think the headmaster's last name was Rooke. I lived in Keighley till 1955 then moved to canada, my email address is  if you have (...Read full memory)

I was living in Keighley. I was attending Eastwood School at the age of 7 years, I don't know what age I started this school, but I have a lot of memmories and would like to hear from somone that could have gone to this school also. My name at the time was Sylvia Rooke, I think I lved on Cravenrow but am not too (...Read full memory)

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