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Memories of Keighley

In 1945 I attended the Junior Art Department of Keighley. Our school badge was an anagram of J.A.D. the uniform was Burgandy. This was a small school of 40 to 50 mixed pupils. The reason I refer to this picture is, the facade of the building housed this school.I new it (...Read full memory)

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who may have family related to or knew my grandfather, Samuel Briggs Keighley, 1877-1960. He was married to Clara Saltonstall Keighley, 1879-1963 . He was born in Keighley and lived in Barrow-in-Furness before immigrating to USA in 1920. His father's name was Joseph Dawson Keighley and his mother was Elizabeth Briggs Keighley.

I went to this school at the age I believe around 7-8yrs old. I would like to know if anyone out there went to the same school. My name was  Sylvia Rooke. In fact I think the headmaster's last name was Rooke. I lived in Keighley till 1955 then moved to canada, my email address is    sylviarosiek@yahoo.com  if you have (...Read full memory)

Does any one remember Mariners mill burning down in Keighley it was in the early eighties. That day was a very sad day for all us workers as we thought it would put us all out of work, but it did not and three months later we were all back at work in the big mill on South street, they were happy times Susan and Pamela Margret (...Read full memory)

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