Kempston, Bedfordshire And Hertfordshire Regiment War Memorial c.1955

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Memories of Kempston

Great times were had at the river at the bend as we children called it, we would make mud slides down the banks.  What fun we had.  There was always a good crowd there on a Sunday afternoon, but now its all quiet, no swimmers, the bend has long since gone.

I remember well pushing my police bicycle around Kempston, covering Spring Road across to St Johns Avenue and over to the chantry factory estate. I was the last of the resident beat officers living and working my patch from my police house in Chantry Road, then moved to Ash Walk. Great times giving (...Read full memory)

Walking free through the wet grass leaving dark trails. Ahead the meadow rises to the mill bank where we stand in silence. Silent and smooth the deep mill race slides towards the wheel. Turning away we follow the bank upstream to the New Overs. Standing on the wooden sluice walk we look down the slide to the deep pool below. (...Read full memory)

I remember the bend in the River well, as I used to fish in that area in winter for pike, and in the summer lower down fish for eels... such a long time ago.

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