Kendal, The Castle 1894

Memories of Kendal

Ewen Kerr opened a secondhand bookshop in New Sambles, sometime during the early years of World War II. I remember selling him some of my children's books (I now much regret that I did not keep them; I was only 17 at the time) and buying a splendidly, decoratively bound copy of Agness Zimmermann's edition of Beethoven's Piano (...Read full memory)

I lived almost next door to Anchorite Well for many years until I left Kendal in 1969. The houses were occupied by Jenny Huck and the Hootons. The Hucks had one of the first colour televisions on the estate and I remember going to their house to watch an FA Cup Final in colour during the 1960's. I remember bringing a minnow (...Read full memory)

The boy in the hat is my grandfather, and the girl is his sister. The shop that they are standing outside belonged to their grandfather, a well travelled gentleman born in 1832. The view is remarkably unchanged in 2008!

My grandma used to live in the Cottage above the head of the Boy leaning on the wall. We use to love visiting and playing in the Yard. Great memories.

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