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I stayed in Denhead and used to play down the den almost every day. We used to go to school via the gap either next to Ciff Bells house or the gap next to smiths shop. We used to go along the cliffs behind the scrappiest then straight along all the Cawsway back gardens holding on the the wire fences at the top of the cliffs (...Read full memory)

Kennoway is the place that I have fond memories off and l value, guard and defend our secret village. Memories of the primary school, playing football in the playground, going to the school via the dump and coming home via the dump with my friend Alfi. I have to say, I was a happy wee boy building boogies and bikes from what we (...Read full memory)

Our family moved to Kennoway from Glasgow when I was one year old - dad worked in the pits. I have many memories of Fife, thought the Causway was very scary, loved playing in all the caves and climbing the cliffs in the Den. Remember all my friends; the O'Donnels, Haley's, Mt McLean's, Boyd's, and the MacAneany's. Many more, I could write a book.

Hi, school holidays down the den consisted of endless hours playing comandoes and building the dam at the Ladies Brig, Eddie Thacker the Mackays, Tommy Johnstone, Gareth Bruce, Shug Torrance, Harry Caulder, Podge Allan, Frogy and Donald Fraser, and many more all joined in hauling shalogies (i.e cut turf the size of carpets to (...Read full memory)

I have lots of memories from old Kennoway Primary and Halfields Secondary Schools from roughly 1956-62. and of old friends George Sneddon, Alan Patterson, Jimmy Hughes, Rab Robertson, Archie & Zander Friel, oops not forgetting Henry Mcliesh. I used to stay in Wellshot Road then Kingsdale Gardens. If anybody still not (...Read full memory)

There's a small collection of memories and information included in my web site at I reckon it's worth a visit as I've included several bits of info' that most people are quite unaware of. Then there's me, of course. Kennoway is unique and steeped in history that goes back as far as the (...Read full memory)