Keswick, And Skiddaw c.1873

Memories of Keswick

In 1964 I was (as Jim Wright) fortunate enough to move to Keswick to work as the assistant manager at the then Royal Oak Hotel, just past the Moot Hall on the far left corner in this photograph. The Royal Oak and George Hotels, across the street from each other, were then owned by Sir Percy Hope, a local (...Read full memory)

Joseph Ritson was my great-grandfather, he started the shop in the 1900s and the shop was still there in the1980s. I'm researching my family tree, does anyone have any information or photos? I would be very grateful.

I used to go to Keswick quite a lot as a child, to visit my great-uncle, David Dickson. He was born in North-Shields, but lived in Keswick for a good number of years, from about 1928-1967until he died. He used to paint pictures in water colour, I think he must have painted all the lakes in the Lake District. His (...Read full memory)

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