Kilbirnie, The Place Of Kilbirnie 1958

Memories of Kilbirnie

There stands the Craig, dark austere majestic, landmark to mariner, constant proud monastic. Lonely place viewed from afar, awesome place much to adore, volcanic rock in form and mode, midst jagged rocks the birds abode. From Paddys Milestone Irish eyes view the coast where Ayrshire lies. Forboding (...Read full memory)

Four Kilbirnie men were walking home after a shift in the steelworks, this would be after ten at night; it was a Friday and in those days people were paid in cash. Archie Allan, better known as Big Airchie, Wullie Mcgookin, Johnny Mason and Alex Irvine were waylaid by six would-be robbers. The problem was dealt with in (...Read full memory)

I was reminded today of The Bird Man who went round all the schools doing Bird Call imitations. We were at Ladyland School and this presentation was a welcome break from school work. At the close of his performance he asked for requests and seeing we were at Ladyland school, someone shouted out, Can you do a Ladybird? The (...Read full memory)

The gas lamps in Station Road, Kilbirnie, were the responsibility of staff on duty at the High Station. This line went right through to Glasgow Central Station and of course it was the age of steam. Sanny Dillon was the lamp lighter and being small he carried with him a large pole with a hook on it. The (...Read full memory)

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