Kilbirnie, The Place Of Kilbirnie 1958

Memories of Kilbirnie

It is over 40 years ago since Kilbirnie singer John Allan recorded an L.P. with the above title. The recording studio has now transferred this on to C.D. Now available through Scottish Music and Amazon.

Four Kilbirnie men were walking home after a shift in the steelworks, this would be after ten at night; it was a Friday and in those days people were paid in cash. Archie Allan, better known as Big Airchie, Wullie Mcgookin, Johnny Mason and Alex Irvine were waylaid by six would-be robbers. The problem was dealt with in (...Read full memory)

I remember when I was just a little girl Ladside won the Junior Cup and the whole town went wild, my brother Tom Storie was on the committee many years later.

It seems She never had it aff, she wore it aw the time, Dain the bakin covered in Floor, dain the dustin covered in Stoor, Hining oot washin,Beating the rugs, Cleaning the windies, Dichtin the dugs, Wipen the sweat aff her auld furred broo, she even wore it milking the coo. She aye kept a guid wan fir the minister (...Read full memory)

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