Kilbirnie, The Place Of Kilbirnie 1958

Memories of Kilbirnie

I stand to be corrected; have been asking around about our dookin holes or places in the river Garnock where we used to swim. Starting at the Conga; the wee lynn, the gless cutter, the Zambezzy, the Comb, the Broom, the Jonah, the Garret lynn and the Sheperds. Finally, the spoot or the spout of the river (...Read full memory)

Four Kilbirnie men were walking home after a shift in the steelworks, this would be after ten at night; it was a Friday and in those days people were paid in cash. Archie Allan, better known as Big Airchie, Wullie Mcgookin, Johnny Mason and Alex Irvine were waylaid by six would-be robbers. The problem was dealt with in (...Read full memory)

I remember my days of playing on the large pips that lay on the grounds which is now a car park at the bottom of the Largs road does anyone else remember the pips that lay there.

Maggie Cook had a sweet shop at the bottom of Milton Road. She would have done well today with the Garnock Academy business but she served us well and we all have our favourite moments. Maggie was small and petite and in order to access the top shelf she used a ladder. Six of us went in one day and the first asked for (...Read full memory)

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