Kilmarnock, The Robert Burns Monument c.1890

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Memories of Kilmarnock

My memories have a date range from 1958 to date. Although I was born in Irvine due to my mother needing urgent medical assistance I was brought up in a town that I grew to love  and found easy to defend against anyone who barracked it. I lived with my mother and father originally in Paxton Street which looked onto the bleechy (...Read full memory)

Sometime in December of 1953 I was posted to Preswick Airport from London Airport, being a motor cycle Constable with what was then the Ministry of Civil Aviation Constabulary, for a tour of duty of one month, the police motor cycle, a 350cc Matchless was shipped from London by train. It had been reported that (...Read full memory)

I was born in Armour Street in Kilmarnock in 1959. Around 1963 we moved to Onthank. I went to Onthank School. My friend Bryce Herbert and I from about the age of 10 onwards used to go to Craufurdland Lake to fish for Perch and Pike. On Saturday mornings we would knock on the door of the castle in the (...Read full memory)

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