Kings Langley, Ovaltine Factory c.1965
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Wander's Ovaltine Company had been a major employer in Kings and Abbots Langley, but its closure in the 1970s was a major blow to the twin communities. The frontage of this magnificent factory building was saved, and new dwellings have been built to the rear.

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In 1946 we left Kings Langley, my parents having lived there since 1936. I arrived in 1937, so can claim to be partially raised there. I must have passed the village pound many times without realising what it was. My home was further up on the left in Common Lane, a house called Merrow Down. I liked it there and liked playing on the common. In winter it was a super toboggan run and everybody turned out to ...see more
My Mother Joan Simmonds was chosen to be Miss Ovaltine. She was dressed in a costume which is very similar to the famous one which adorns the front of the Ovaltine, and was used on the front of the tins for a while. She was put into a horse drawn cart in this costume, but I am not sure what the occasion was. Her two sisters, Freda and Frances also worked at the Ovaltine. Does anyone have any memories of this please?