Hull, Ferens Hall, Hull University c.1965

Memories of Kingston upon Hull

My Great Uncle John Percy Norfolk enlisted at Wenlock Barracks, Anlaby Road, Hull on 1st September 1914 and became a private in the "Hull Pals". The barracks at 380 Anlaby Road were built around 1911 on the site of a former private residence known as Somerset (...Read full memory)

My great-grandfather, Richard Gillett, was an Alderman and laid the foundation stone for this building. I don't suppose that there is a photo of the Foundation Stone anywhere, is there? A member of our family has the engraved silver trowel and gavel which were presented to him at the time. (...Read full memory)

Harry and Margaret Coupland (my Aunt) 1949/50s they had a market stall in Hull market. I remember visiting them, Harry had a large greenhouse in the garden full of tomatoes. Son, Peter and wife moved from a nissen hut into a new house - they had a market garden at Jenny Brough growing sweet peas and other flowers (...Read full memory)

i used to go to preston quite a lot met some girls there called ann curtis margret clarkson and lizzie mryers dose anybody living in preston know them and what they doing now

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