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Herefordshire Living Memories

Herefordshire Living Memories

The photo 'Kington, the Golf Club c1965' appears in this book

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Caption for Kington, The Golf Club C1965: The Kington Golf Club was established in 1924 and there can be few golf clubs that occupy such a magnificent site. It is located on the slopes of Bradnor Hill, just to the north of Kington, with wonderful views in all directions even if the golfers in the picture seem to be ignoring them.

An extract from Herefordshire Living Memories.

Memories of Kington

I lived in Kington up until the age of 18 years. My late father, Geoff Taylor, was a keen bowler and known as 'The Firer'. The picture of the cross brings back memories of my father on a Saturday morning catching up with his fellow bowling mates who owned shops in the town. I can also recall the carol singing held (...Read full memory)

This photo shows my grandmother, Gwen Langston (1891 - 1963), with Mickey who was an Irish Terrier.

Mr & Mrs Potter managed Bon March shop and they had two young boys, Robert and Edmond.  My mum, Edna Griffiths, helped to look after the children and, being pre-school age, I used to go along with her.  Mrs Potter used to bring us pasties from Jones' Bakery (where the Chinese takeaway is now). On the way home we used to (...Read full memory)

i started at lady hawkins when it first opened in 1962, every thing smelt new and looked bright and shiny. it was like going into a huge new adventure with apprehension and butterflies in my tummy. i soon settled in and made some really good friends. i spent three happy years there and left in 1965. although i (...Read full memory)

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