Old Maps of Kirkham

Historic Maps of Kirkham and the local area.

Hello, It was Frith's photos, but I'd given up! Lovely to make contact. Mum's brother was Lawrence Scurry, who married Myra's sister Louie. I was only a few months old when I first visited Kirkham in 1949 and Uncle Lawrence and Aunty Louie had the corrugated iron bungalow halfway up the hill. Uncle Lawrence made (...Read full memory)

My grandfather, Henry French, was the gamekeeper at Kirkham Hall. He lived at Whitwell-on-the Hill and I spent many good times with him. My uncle, Albert, was the postman at Whitwell and my father worked on the railway at Richmond, N.Yorkshire. He had also another brother and sister, I think the brother was called Walter (...Read full memory)