Old Maps of Knaphill

Historic Maps of Knaphill and the local area.

I lived at 27 Victoria Rd, Knaphill and went to the school at Star Hill then the school down the lane at St Johns, past the barracks and cookhouse. When the soldiers were demobbed we used to be given sweets, chocolate and fags which we took them home. I must have been about 8 or 9. I can remember when going home after school, (...Read full memory)

Wow. The pictures bring back so many memories. I was born and bred in Woking and my family owned The Shoe Box in Knaphill. Originally my grandfather Albert Cook gifted the shop to his friend Phyl (my siblings and I affectionately called her auntie Phyl). I have memories of getting all our shoes there, although it was very old (...Read full memory)