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This is not my memory but that of my sister in law's. Her paternal grandfather, Philip Alan Simpson, was the Head Brewer at Stair House for several years up to and including 1901.

I was 2 years old when my family moved to Stair House. My father was Ted Miller and was contracted by the government to collect scrap metal during the war years. We moved in 1948 but I have strong memories of the village. What sweets were available from Mrs Fuller-Waters shop, the first haircut at the barber's, going up (...Read full memory)

As village 'Bobby' in the late 1960's early 70's, we, my wife and two daughters, lived in the Police House in Furnace Lane. Sometime about 1970 I called into the village shop (I think it was Fuller's) and the lady there asked me if I would take a gun off her! She said that they had recently gone into the roof space when (...Read full memory)

It was indeed interesting reading Roger Barden's account of Lamberhurst, but feel he has left out a few salient points. Of course Curtis the newsagents and Avards the bakers with the ever inquisitive Mrs Avards were selling that delicious bread and sweets for the children going to school. But of (...Read full memory)

Brings back memories of hot Sunday afternoons sitting on the bridge with my mates collecting car number-plates. I was nine years old and lived at 1 Workhouse Cottages, in Brewer Street with Miss Mabel Alice Ranger. I was a little tyke with short long trousers. I also remember swinging on the pendulum of the (...Read full memory)

My Mom Robina James lived in Baynards during the war with Auntie Connie.  She often mentioned Hastings during my growing up years. I have visited here but it's been a long time now. Mom died Dec 05. I'm confused because she went on to go to Horsham School with her friend who now lives in Kent - I'm confused as to exactly where (...Read full memory)

The white weatherboarded house was the farmhouse of the farm where my mother, Joyce Clark, worked along with another 3 girls in the Land Army during the Second World War.  It was called Cogger's Farm.  She was there whilst the Battle of Britain was fought overhead.  They grew hops, wheat, barley, oats and enough (...Read full memory)