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Before chain stores dominated Britain's high streets, shoppers could choose from a variety of family traders, as this 1950s street scene illustrates. The sign above Dent's shop, advertising bed and breakfast for cyclists highlights another difference in lifestyles. Few people then had a car, but cycling tours and holidays were a popular way of exploring the countryside.

Other Memories from Lancaster

My Great Great Grandmother Jane Oversby worked for a widow, Mrs Margaret Rossall, who lived at 10 Dalton Square, Lancaster. I visited Dalton Square and counted the houses from 2 - 9; then sent down the other side Numbers 11 onward. I could not find 10 Dalton Square until a local person told me that the Town Hall is not as old as it looks. It was built at the beginning of the 20th ...see more

Added 11 November 2016
On behalf of my wife (Kathleen, nee Bromley) I am try to trace Gillian Cowking, believed to have been born December 1941 or thereabouts. Gillian worked for a while in Budapest and then later in Paris. Contact was then lost. Any info would be gratefully received. Thank you.

When i first met my only true love i was just 13 and we were together for about 4years before she met someone else

Market Street/Square holds lots of memories. Those underground toilets, buses maneovering round to take us home to the Marsh, which when young seemed miles away. My father was born in Anchor Lane, and there used to be a brilliant sweet shop in the top corner , also the Blue Anchor Pub where my Grandad used to drink. My father talks about playing football in that Square, obviously before the toilets were ...see more

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