Land's End, Cornwall (near St Just)

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Old Maps of Land's End

Historic Maps of Land's End and the local area.

I have a photo of my glamorous mother in front of the First and Last House when three lines once sprawled across its roof— F I R S T  &  L A S T H O U S E   I N E  N  G  L  A  N  D .She stands poised upon a rock ‘fore the plain structure amid stark sky. Land’s End winds forever blow her hair— The concept of a (...Read full memory)

Robert and Donald Mapleston and were excellent swimmers.  (Their sister, my Great Grandmother, Anne Mapleston Jackson, passed away in 1944.)  They lit bonfires to warn the ships, but when a ship wrecked they used a large rope and swam it out to pull the shipwrecked sailers back to shore.   Family story also (...Read full memory)