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My name is Peter Martin i was born and brought up in Berry Lane between Samuel and Emanuel roads. I was born in Billericay hospital on the 11th May 1952 i attended langdon Hills Primary and then Laindon High Road. I remember Mr Foy in the post office, Mr Lucas in the toy/general stores and two ladies who ran the green (...Read full memory)

I was born in Berry Lane Langdon Hills in 1948. I went to the primary school in the High Road and later to Laindon High Road Secondary School. I rmember so much about the town of Laindon - the shop names - Jack Lagdon the butcher, Tommy Cole the Fishmonger, Cisters corner for fruit and veg, Careys the (...Read full memory)

My husbands family were in Langdon Hills as early as 1797 when John Bacon married Sarah Graylin at the old church Langdon Hills.  The family had many occupations, thatcher, bailiff, agricultural labourer etc.  They eventually settled in Well Green Cottage as was in the family up to 1950s. Thanks. Alma Bacon