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I spent many happy hours in Rays Hut. There were about 20/25 lads in there at any one time; we played snooker, and other games. As stated, the hut was on Ray Lister's back garden on School Road. He also had a television which not many of us had at that time; many years later when Ray became to old to cope any more, my son Simon bought a Bagatell M/C from him.

Does anyone have any recollection of this please? It took place during 50's or 60's each year on Boxing Day. My grandfather donated the shield which was competed for and one of my uncle's names is on it. Would be great to locate the shield if anyone knows if it is still about. It was the Greaves Shield. Thank you

I remember going to Langold Lake, most weekends. They used to set the lake on fire, and Jack Revill used to dive off the diving board into it. He had a young girl who helped him, she used to do the same thing. I ended up living a few doors away from her, at Mansfield-Woodhouse. Used to go to the disco in the Langold Hotel. (...Read full memory)

Spent wonderful times in this pool prior to June 1955. Dad, Lewis Nutton, who was engineer at Firbeck Main Colliery, engineered the diving stage in the lake. We lived at The Villas, Costhorpe, (Roselea) Randalls lived next door in the bungalow. He was Head of Junior School and she, Head of Infants. On the other side (...Read full memory)

By, this photo brings back memories. I lived at the then British Legion Club from 1951 to 1958 while my mother and father Jack and Mavis Harding were club steward and stewardess. I started school there in 1951 and it has great memories for me, it was a great time with Langold Lake nearby in its prime. I still think (...Read full memory)

On the very right of this photo is my grandad's shop. He had his name FV DRABBLE on the front, you can just see part of the name in the photo. My grandad was Langold's only cobbler. The bottom half of the windows were painted some kind of horrible creamy yellow colour to hide all the machinery etc that was in the (...Read full memory)

The Priories Historical Society based in Oldcotes are looking for any old photos, maps, books, documents to facilitate our research into this important archaeological area. The Priories have talks every month at Oldcotes Village Hall (see website). I live in Langold now and it is still very similar looking, the cinema has (...Read full memory)

My Nan, 'Nellie Pollard', lived in Guest Villas at the bottom of the hill from Langold, going towards Worksop. I had some great holidays in Langold, I'm sure it was a great place for kids to live during 1970s. If anyone remembers my nan, please drop me a line.

I need help please. I am looking for graves and memories of William and Mary Jones, who died approximately between 1970-1975.  My husband's family have been unable to locate the graves. They are believed to be burried in Langold but I am not exactly sure of the cemetery. Are there any cemetery records or newspaper (...Read full memory)

I was sent by my mother as an evacuee to stay with her sister Lilian to get away from the bombs dropping over Wimbledon during the war. My Uncle Wilf and Aunt Lill lived above the Tylers Shoe Shop in Langold. Uncle Wilf (Scotney) was the manager of this shop and also of the one in Doncaster. I started school in Langold in the (...Read full memory)