Memories of Langwith, High Street c1950

Living in Boundary Walk, my grandmother and I used to walk up the hill to the Coop butchers, which I seem to remember was at the far end of the row, nearest the pit entrance.  The building at this end was a cinema but the name escapes me.

Is there some sort of pavillion across from those shops? I used to go there to the St Johns Ambulance brigade with my sisters Ann and Roslyn in the 1960s before my family went back to Scotland. They were the best years of my life. I brought my sons down for a visit and they still talk about how friendly the Langwith people are.

My name is Peggy Knight (nee cook). I have fond memories of being evacuated to Langwith aged 14, it changed my whole life as I met a boy who later became my lovely husband, he lived with his parents in Devonshire Drive. We moved to Suffolk to live and my three children had some wonderful holidays in Langwith with their grandparents. I would love to share my memories with others.

I grew up in Shirebrook and I can state without hesitation that it was a miserable place to live. Particularly during the miners strike when the whole community was polarised and full of hate and anger. I was only too pleased to leave home and get away..

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