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I have a photograph taken about 1950 of myself about 4 years old on a three wheeler bicycle with my parents next to the garage and opposite the gate hotel.I remember having my haircut at the shop at the bottom of pit Hill. Can't remember the grandad Daniel worked at the sewage works at the bottom of pit (...Read full memory)

I was born in 1946 at 66 Devonshire drive langwith to my parents Tom and my ra copestake.I lives there til I was 7years old with them and my brother David. My auntie and uncle Harry and Ethel Darrell lived on Hardwick street and my others Daniel and mable copestake on Hartington street. I remember going to the pictures (...Read full memory)

I was born in Langwith in February 1930 at 8 Moorfield Lane. I went to Whaley Thornes infants school and started in the reception class in 1935, the teacher being Miss Smith, who had taught not only some of the pupil's parents but also some of their grandparents. Miss Smith had the ability to teach children to read (...Read full memory)

We moved to Langwith in 1952 and lived on Devonshire Drive - number 97 I think. I was only 3 at the time and we were only there for a year but my mother had a fish and chip shop in the front room. A man called grandad Carling used to help my mother by peeling potatoes for the chips. I think it was only open Thursdays and Fridays. Can anyone remember?

Memories of Langwith re Peggy Knight: I think you lived at No. 24.We lived at No.29. Was your husband named Hardy? My name is Bowen.My wife has been trying to find friends from school who were evacuated to Langwith from Lowestoft. Regards, Idris (Taffy)

I grew up in Shirebrook and I can state without hesitation that it was a miserable place to live. Particularly during the miners strike when the whole community was polarised and full of hate and anger. I was only too pleased to leave home and get away..

My name is Peggy Knight (nee cook). I have fond memories of being evacuated to Langwith aged 14, it changed my whole life as I met a boy who later became my lovely husband, he lived with his parents in Devonshire Drive. We moved to Suffolk to live and my three children had some wonderful holidays in Langwith with their grandparents. I would love to share my memories with others.

Is there some sort of pavillion across from those shops? I used to go there to the St Johns Ambulance brigade with my sisters Ann and Roslyn in the 1960s before my family went back to Scotland. They were the best years of my life. I brought my sons down for a visit and they still talk about how friendly the Langwith people are.

Living in Boundary Walk, my grandmother and I used to walk up the hill to the Coop butchers, which I seem to remember was at the far end of the row, nearest the pit entrance.  The building at this end was a cinema but the name escapes me.

The garage, owned if memory serves by the Harrison family, was always a magnet for a small boy, because in addition to selling petrol and repairing cars it also sold Meccano and Dinky toys. I also remember my grandmother buying me the Sunny Stories magazine from the newsagents to the right of the picture. I was born and lived at (...Read full memory)