Memories of Largs

I definately remember the little zoo on the front of the esplanade probably in the 1960's. There were some birds and possibly a monkey but I remember particularly a huge tortoise ( it may have been a turtle), which was claimed to be over 100 years old. In those days there were also rowing boats for hire on the (...Read full memory)

Just before you were leaving the wee "zoo" on the prom at Largs, there was a sign, I believe it said...."The most dangerous animal in the world"........... It was a mirror !

I remember the zoo, I used to work in it. Email:

I have vague memories of a zoo on the water front at Largs. It definitely had a monkey that got loose inside the small building on occasions and would steal your scarf.  There may also have been various birds. Can anyone refresh or debunk this memory? Any details would be welcome.

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