Memories of Leatherhead

After the war Dad found work as an assistant in a long established family-run department store called Moulds. Situated in Leatherhead High Street, it was an imposing sort of place with double glass doors set well back from the street and flanked by large curved glass windows displaying everything from three piece (...Read full memory)

Another reason that I liked to visit Leatherhead was because my Auntie Mag had a shop there and I was always guaranteed a welcome that invariably included a sticky bun or some similar magnet to a young child. Opposite The Dukes Head pub in the High Street, (unfortunately just out of view in this shot) (...Read full memory)

Moulds was the first job my sister had. She started around 1958/9 ad during the school holidays she was easy hit hit for sixpence so I could go to the Cresent cinema where I could let my friend in via the exit door just outside the men's toilets. We left Leatherhead in 1960 emigrating to Australia. I have (...Read full memory)

My 2nd great aunt, Kezia Rosina Southon, died here at work in 1915 of peritonitis and exhaustion. The matron in charge, Annie Kate , certified her death. I was wondering whether someone knew this.

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